Places To Hide, “B. Murhpy” and “Punk Vacation”

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Earlier this month we announced that Atlanta foursome Places To Hide are calling it quits but going out with a bang in the form of a final LP titled Strange Lyfe. Following the record’s eponymous single, the group has released two new songs, “B. Murphy” and “Punk Vacation.” “B. Murphy” begins with Deborah Hudson singing “Stay high babe your color’s fading,” quickly setting the drained tone of both songs. On “Punk Vacation,” Kyle Swick sings about a feeling of complacent stagnation and detachment over a driving beat: “The cops still suck the rent went up / And I can tell something was bothering you / Bar’s probably closed but we’ll try our luck / Hell we got nothing else to do.” But while he acknowledges that the song’s unknown subject is uncertain about their future, he seems equally undecided. However vague the future seems, Places To Hide continue to capture our hearts every time.

Strange Lyfe is out September 20 on Irrelevant Recordings. Pre-order the record here.

Stream “B. Murphy” and “Punk Vacation” below: