Mixtape #2

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I must not have been paying very close attention in US History class (maybe I was concentrating too hard on drawing checkerboards on my Chuck Taylors with a Sharpie) because I swear I had never even heard of the Goodnight Loving Trail until I was googling the band Goodnight Loving from Milwaukee.

Apparently, these cute boys that play twangy pop that gets me crazy named their band after an old cattle trail that was started by Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving in 1866… people sure used to have cooler names!

Goodnight Loving is currently on a big tour, and they'll be stopping in New York to play a few shows, including one that I'm setting up at Silent Barn.

For this week's mixtape, I took my inspiration from their namesake: The Goodnight Loving Trail. Enjoy this mix that's all about trips and/or journeys, literal or figurative. This one's a bit eclectic, goes all over the place genre-wise.

Hope you like it!

Pop Jew Mixtape #2
01 Ticket To Ride – The Beatles
02 Lazy Line Painter Jane – Belle & Sebastian
03 Nearly There – The Cannanes
04 Happy But On My Way – The Beets
05 Goodbye Girl – White Wires
06 Rockaway Beach – The Ramones
07 One Foot in Front of the Other – Box Elders
08 Sailing On – Bad Brains
09 Holiday Weekend – Whatever Brains
10 Were in a Place – The Goodnight Loving
11 Two Steps – Home Blitz
12 Cross the Street – The Electric Bunnies
13 The Tropics – Jeff The Brotherhood
14 Helicopter Honeymoon – Scrotum Poles
15 Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains – The Kinks
16 Montreal – The Wedding Present
17 Long Promised Road – The Beach Boys

Download the whole thing here.