Posse, “Shut Up”

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Three-piece Seattle band Posse are set to put out their second full-length album, Soft Opening, in March. To kick off the month-long countdown, they've released “Shut Up,” a slow six-and-a-half minute track that explores the title concept, in its most anti-romantically romantic form. It's probably one of the most important values any of us ego-jacked youth folk could hope to engender in one another, respectfully – getting over this raging need to say whatever is on our minds, regardless of its impact on our environment. The slinking college-rock guitar lines, triumphant still, help to push the message along, stopping for the type of solo interlude that takes its time reaching a resolution deliberately rather than ramblingly. Those in the market for a long-winded mantra should consider the following lyric, sung by Paul Wittmann-Todd: “I stand and I nod and I sigh and stretch. I’m gonna try and get a haircut, a shampoo and a shave, and shut up.”

Soft Opening comes out March 4 on Beating a Dead Horse Records. Catch the new single below.