Prince Paul unearths unreleased horrorcore

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De La Soul made … Is Dead to shed the hippy label and Prince Paul made horrorcore rap with the RZA and the Gravediggaz. Prince Paul loved the style so much he kept at it outside the Gravediggaz crew. Alas, the side-side project never got picked up and went unreleased.

Horror City began as a collaborative project with Superstar of Amityville. Paul recruited more MCs to spit on the record and began shopping it to labels. While Gravediggaz was not the greatest success, despite the creative minds involved in the crew, it could have sent up warning flags to labels regarding this project – but that also might be giving far too much credit to the labels. Whatever the case, the Horror City project went unsigned. Paul reworked some of the songs into his A Prince Among Thieves record, even bringing some of the MCs from the Horror City project onto Theives – although Paul admits on Fader that he prefers the HC originals.

Download Horror City (1995) here.

Horror City, “Tattles Tale”

Horror City, “Play It Close”