Project Pablo, “Why, Though?”

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The mention of house music tends to come with a certain stigma these days; the colorful droogs of the EDM world seeping into and out of house artists’ circles, bumming the day with clouds of neon. 1080p, a label that prides itself on the creativity of its output, is attempting to save the name of the genre with acts such as Project Pablo, a Vancouver-borne producer attempting to breathe some life into an oversaturated field. The latest single, “Why, Though?,” off his 1080p debut, I want to Believe, is a strangely deconstructed, almost erratic dance tune, with a late 80s/early 90s feel in the heavy dampening bass, but with an unevenness in its main themes that keeps it on its toes. The end goal would seem a restructuring of the way people think about house music, to say “this is weird, but I can still move to it.” It’s a fun experience for the disenchanted, a beacon of hope for those who may have lost their way in the realm of house, or for those who “want to believe.”

I want to Believe will be available via 1080p on February 24.