Psychic Dancehall live up to the name

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Psychic Dancehall, "A Love That Kills"

Psychic Dancehall are a duo from San Diego.

On “A Love That Kills”, they syphon a smooth and unadulterated stream of Jesus and Mary Chain'ed bummer-dome, quite strongly scented with Crocodile's sense of self, with that same sort of sparse production that's less concerned with rusted guitar tones and more comfortable letting an organ do the job of expressing sentimental chord progressions.

“Long Lost Lover” hints at the electrocuted baselines that led them to dub themselves Dancehall of any sort. And Maria Minerva's take on the same track shoves the sultry ballad into full-on London lounge music.

Look for the band's Dreamers LP out July 26 on Art Fag Recordings.