Puffy Areolas' got the Gentleman's Grip

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Gentleman's Grip 7"

Puffy Areolas are not meant for the faint of heart. The band are purveyors of Midwest skronk-fuggery that revels in those ripping days of Stooges to the North and The Dwarves to the west and The Cramps to the east. The Areolas are synonymous with shirts stained yellow from caked sweat and Chuck Taylor's stained brown from shit kicking around a dingy, beer-soaked basement club. The Gentleman's Grip 7″ could be considered a slight clean up, like spraying an old shirt with Febreeze instead of washing it, but it merely makes the filth more pungent.

Puffy Areolas, “Psychomania”

Our only gripe with the Gentleman's Grip 7″ is that the bar band jam out of “By The Hand” bottoms out at a dick-tease of 1:07, getting us all worked up for nil.

Puffy Areolas' Gentleman's Grip 7″ is available now on HoZac.