PUTS are disco tripping

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Seven albums deep and People Under The Stairs are still having the same fun they put to wax on day one.

L.A. is on my radar for some suspect behavior. I have noticed that every movie or tv show that features a L.A. party scene aims to record the most lascivious behavior imaginable. The super cool lead roles walk through narrow corridors that trap thunderous electro dance, squeezing past a freestanding orgy of white girls making out without giving a curious glance and I'm meant to believe its just another Friday night in L.A. I call bullshit. I refuse to believe L.A.'s party and club scene is a modern Gomorrah.

This is why I love me some People Under The Stairs. PUTS make fun party albums without L.A. pretentiousness or embellishment. Their seventh album Carried Away is no exception, as lead single “Tripping At The Disco” has a video that will make you want roll, bounce, rock, skate. Extra props to Double K for his acting in this video. He's definitely watched his share of disco music vidoes. The style in which he holds the microphone alone, had me laughing.

Carried Away is out now on OM Records.