Qwel & Maker return with So Be It

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It's been five long years since Qwel and Maker last collaborated. The Harvest began Qwel's four seasons project and it's only fitting that Maker is the bookend producer. These two definitely do bring out the best in one another, as the So Be It snippets offered at Galapagos 4 do not disappoint.

It's tough to tell from the snippets if Qwel was able to reel in his eccentricities. No question he's a tremendous writer, but his insistence to drop the gospel tends to repel. Pre-order and you'll secure an instrumental album, which judging from “Golden Era” is worth the loot.

This sampler mixed by DJ Bizkid ain't half bad either.

Qwel & Maker, “So Be It Preview” (Mixed by DJ Bizkid)

So Be It is out September 1 on Galapagos 4.