Raajmahal, “Scylla (excerpt)”

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Named after two of Greek mythology's most potent sea monsters, Raajmahal's Charybdis/Scylla cassette release certainly does justice to what that namesake evokes, despite having been recorded on the beaches of New York City and in the upstate woods. An excerpt from “Scylla” has been released, showcasing the duo's undecorated and improvisational acoustic core, accompanied by little more than ethereal vocals somewhere in the distance. We guarantee this lo-fi lullaby for grown-ups and classics nerds won't disappoint you like your noise machine did. Sweet dreams.

New Camp Records is releasing the cassette on January 14. Raajmahal will tour Europe this December/January, and have a homecoming/tape release show at Sunny's Bar in Red Hook, Brooklyn on January 16. Stream the excerpt from “Scylla” below.