Rain On Fridays – “Hooked”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

San Diego pop-punk duo continues to thrill with scorching, emotional new single

San Diego is an underrated town when it comes to DIY movements. The city that produced everyone from Drive Like Jehu to The Locust to Wavves to The Frights has a rich history of churning out amazing music under the noisy, garagey, lo-fi punk umbrella. Right now, that scene continues to thrive off the strength of countless young alt-rock bands, one of whom being the excellent emo-tinged duo Rain On Fridays.

Comprised of singer/bassist Madi Coe and guitarist Jess Miller, the band crafts a searing swirl of indie, garage, emo and pop-punk – doused with a tremendous amount of spunk and versatility. Last year’s debut LP Mono Monday was an impressive, fully-formed statement, while EPs Rainman and this year’s 3 were intimate, stripped-down acoustic offerings that hit you with a maximum dose of the feels. Their songs are impeccably written and gloriously performed – as rollicking as they are relatable.

Today we’re getting another new one from Rain On Fridays, and it’s a scorching re-working of their track “Hooked,” which we heard in acoustic form on the 3 EP. This time, the track adds sizzling electric guitar melodies and propulsive percussion, while Coe pushes her powerful vocals to ebullient new levels. “And I miss the comfort of being a fuck-up with my friends/ Drain the good in my blood/ It turned me bad, bad, bad, bad…” she croons during the song’s explosive chorus, which hits stratospheric emotional heights this time around. Just another fiery, painfully honest track from one of San Diego’s finest up-and-coming acts.

“Hooked” was one of my favorites tracks off 3, so hearing it in its new full-band glory was a giddy listening experience for me. I’m sure it’ll hit the same for other Rain On Fridays fans too. Give it a spin below!