Raleigh Moncrief's mallwave

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Raleigh Moncrief

Whether Raleigh Moncrief's “Everybody's At The Mall” is meant to be a battle track/criticism of chillwavers or just a chillaxed tribute to mall rats is yet to be determined, but we are leaning towards diss track. When Raleigh Moncrief is not manning the boards of critically praised records (see: Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca) or the next record to recieve acclaim (see: Ganglians' Still Living, Cuckoo Chaos' Women), he crafts manic hip hop tracks. But “Everybody's At The Mall” is a departure from the usual approach, which is why we question its intention.

Whether it's an inside joke, a playful jab or a genuine flirtation with chillwave aesthetics, the song title remains true. If you go to the mall, you'll undoubtedly hear everybody who makes this style of music, unless you're in Build-A-Bear.

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