Rangers, “Zombie (Day)”

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We're very excited to share the first public track from the upcoming Rangers LP, out on Not Not Fun. Jets indeed streak through the whole collection on Pan Am Stories, which in sum is a kind of masterpiece ode to the spookiness inherent in 70s soundtracks and soft emulations of Steely Dan and its discontents, taken not from the angle of sputtering, destructoid tape manipulation or tampered sample collage, but from the same side of the line as any classic rock endeavor, with the intent to write some pretty great songs on the guitar. While I suggest buying the album for the 13-minute spread of madness and leisure riffs splayed across the epic “Zeke's Dream”, our choice piece of this 13-track outing is the lead-off, “Zombies (Day)”, (which indeed compliments “Zombies (Night)”. It's a totally evil walk through a sunburnt wasteland where Starbucks dot Sunset Blvd, Hollywood is lined with celebrity skulls, and you constantly thank your own stars for the repellent power this dreamy music has to zombies who would otherwise whip you up into an In-N-Out burger. (Yes, California zombies have human In-N-Out burgers and east coast zombies don't.)

Get yourself to the Not Not Fun website, ponder the power of pay pal, and enjoy “Zombies (Day)”, streaming below.