Rap Dragons take us ten stories high

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Rap Dragons were bound to happen, a Baltimore based rap group down with the Wham City collective.

Rap Dragons border between invoking Tribe-like vibes of the Soul, De La that is, and being far too kitschy. The duo's debut Ten Stories High is an excursion through big beat jazz samples and production suitable to soundtrack a John Hughes film. Dragons Nick Often and Greg Ward might be their own worst enemies here. Both rappers kick the fun flows, but have a tendency to pull lines that sound like Mike D on a bad day. Tone down your critical ear and you might get some joy out of lines like “I love you like Kevin love Winnie” on “She Got Me.” Although when the world's biggest rapper right now is blowing minds with bars like “beat it like a cop,” it's difficult to be judgmental of Rap Dragons' modest style.

This is a free debut though. It won't cost you a wooden nickle to give Rap Dragons a listen. Take the opportunity to decide if you feel like hanging around for Featuring Baltimore, which will feature samples from Baltimore bands on each track, or leave them trapped in the dungeon.

Download the debut Ten Stories High here.