Meanest Man Contest Remix

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meanest man contest

Meanest Man Contest are the toughest white boy clique in the Bay Area. MMC has a soft side though and it shines through on its remix of Seamonster's “Bearsuit.”

Seamonster released its Two Birds 7″ earlier this month on Gold Robot and Royal Rhino Flying. If you order the 7″ from the website the label will ship you a companion remix EP that includes the MMC “Bearsuit” Remix. The EP also includes remixes by Visions Of Trees, Bomarr, Roman Ruins and a cover by Björn Kleinhenz.

The original “Bearsuit” is a backward spun psyche-crawl that rises into Jesus & Mary Chain sonics. Meanest Man Contest envision it differently, taking a chorale approach that rises like the source material, but this time towards melancholy instead of madness.

Seamonster, “Bearsuit” (Meanest Man Contest Remix)