Robert A.A. Lowe, “Fantomoj de la Vitro Domo”

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Record cover for Eclipses by Robert a.a. lowe and Rose Lazar

Robert A.A. Lowe (you might be more familiar with him as Lichens) just made a limited-edition, semi-modular and
polyphonic analogue synthesizer
record for Thrill Jockey and we have the first track for you to hear.

In early 2008 Thrill Jockey released Gyromancy, a limited
72 page perfect-bound art book and 3-inch CD from Lowe and artist Rose
Lazar. Next week, on January 26, they'll release Eclipses
an extension of Gyromancy remaining in view of
what came before and altering the vision.

Limited to 750, vinyl LP-only copies worldwide, Eclipses will be accompanied by a
12” x 36” double-sided full color poster showcasing the artwork of both
Lowe and Lazar. The music and artwork together are said to create a storyboard,
pushing out beyond natural
terrestrial landscapes into those slightly more cosmic in

In layman's terms: This is alien music.