Running In The Fog, “Desire”

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Philadelphia by San Francisco's Amanda Harper brings an array of jazz and future kinetic dance to her music under the name Running In The Fog. Preparing her album Silver for Father/Daughter Records, Harper has a type of ear for constructing the elements taken from pan-global grooves through the assist of sustained tone resonances. Her ambitious approach to sound and audio school reinventions becomes further completed by Zack Ehrlich's percussion contributions, as heard on the dance daze design of “Desire”.

The way everything loops and drones in synchronizations points the song at so many other dance attributes from the tomorrowlands. The inexhaustible rhythm walks from the Bay past bedroom projects of the States' Pac Northwest, the dorms and squats of Canada, the Sweden by Balearic Island beat believers, UK enthusiasts, West Africa, Brazil, and so on to present human desire expressed in a global rhythm. As Amanda says, “This is desire, we lit the fire . . .”

Running In The Fog's album debut Silver will be available December 10 from Father/Daughter Records.

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