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ryuichi sakamoto

So, today my girlfriend saw a ghost in her house.

This song is sort of like a ghost.

I mean… I hope a ghost hanging out in my girlfriend's house would float along as effortlessly and delicately as this track; with its ambient waves, warm gooeyness, and its treated keys and ethereal vibes, bent into slow motion frames, like billowing plumes of pink smoke going up, up, and away into a relentless gray sky full of television-static-black-and-white birds that swoop down, fall in love, grow old, and die in a constant loop for all of eternity. Holy shit.

Ryuichi Sakamoto fucking rules.

Oh yeah, and so today my girlfriend saw a ghost in her house. Pretty weird.

P.S. To anyone who cares, I'd like the track “In The Red” from this album, Out Of Noise, played at my funeral. Thanks.

Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Firewater”