Sahy Uhns, “Hot Mess Freak Out Mix”

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As Sahy Uhns, Carl Madison Burgin has courted many styles through the moniker. An Intolerant Disdain of Underlings in 2011 feels distinctly of its time with glitchy hip hop production that finds its experimental slant in accumulated field recordings and ambient departures into dystopian transmissions. Three years later, the recently released Courtship Dances has morphed Sahy Uhns into an IDM hybrid that uses the intelligentsia textures as launchpads for his explorations of acid and deep house. Structured in chapters, Courtship Dances is a body of work in the most truest of definitions, as no track exists without relation to its predecessors and as a psychological informant to the future.

Since his first record Burgin has mastered the mix, accruing the tools necessary to never rift the movement. He brings that mastery to his “Hot Mess Freak Out” mix, streaming below. From the outset of The Tuss to send off of “Finna Pop”, Sahy Uhns’ “Hot Mess Freak Out” is 43 minutes of unwavering techno excavation that leaves few corridors unlit.

Sahy Uhns’ Courtship Dances is out now on Proximal Records.

Hot Mess Freak Out Tracklisting:
01 The Tuss, “Synthacon 9”
02 Robert Hood, “Chase”
03 Ben Klock, “Napoleon Hill”
04 Egyptian Lover, “The 808”
05 Phuture, “Your Only Friend”
06 Unknown
07 Tony Quattro, “Doubt (Squarehead Remix)”
08 Anders, “Tenfold”
09 Aoki Takamasa, “Degner”
10 Paul Vanderstukken, “Stay (Remix)”
11 Davide Squillace, “It’s All About The Toe”
12 Caz, “Cloze, Up, Over”
13 Huxley, “Body Talk”
14 The Aikiu, “Just Can’t Sleep (Egyptrixx Remix) (Sahy Uhns Edit)”
15 Gimmik, “Dutch Moment”
16 Klient, “Menel”
17 Dubfire, “Emissions”
18 Martin Solveig, “Poptimistic (Bingo Players Vox)”
19 DeMarzo, “When They Come for You”
20 NeonBlack, “Your Only Man”
21 M. Constant, “Cycles”
22 Costuleta, “Tchiriri (Instr)”
23 DJ Kito, “Mix 4 (Bonus Track Mix)”
24 Munchi, “Salgueiro O Calderao”
25 KMFH (Kyle Hall), “Finna Pop”