Saint Mela, "ill fortune"

Post Author: Andre G

New York-based indie electronic trio Saint Mela made noise in 2014 as Alter. They dropped several eclectic singles that won fans and carried sonic influence from across the spectrum. Though they’ve performed all over New York state with dozens of fellow Indie acts since then, they haven’t released any new music – until today.
The group, consisting of Steven Dewey (production, keys), Wolf Weston (lead vocals, lyrics), and drummer Jason MacDermott is premiering their new “ill fortune” track with Impose. It’s clear they’ve spent at least some of their absence refining their sound. “ill fortune”showcases that the group has put it all together. It’s the expertly-sequenced composition that chases Wolf’s painstaking lamentations into the abyss. It’s Wolf’s desperate, haunting vocals as she shrieks that she “choked air out her own lungs.” It’s the bare, revelatory lyricism on display.
A major appeal of their previous work is their melding together aspects of electronic, indie pop, jazz and other genres, but the hip-hop influence is dominant on “ill fortune,” as Wolf half-vocalizes/half-rhymes in double time over mysterious keys and ominous organ play.
By the time she notes, “this daily close call is a curse that throws curve balls,” they collectively knocked it out the park. New Yorkers can see the group perform “ill fortune” and other tracks on April 14th at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2. In the meantime, you can stream “ill fortune” below.