Saralee, “Zoo”

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Boston two-piece Saralee recently embarked on a tour with Kentucky/Iowa punk/pop band Giving Up and the matchup birthed not only a beautiful friendship but a split tape that we're premiering two fantastic tracks from on this wintery morning. If you have the imagination, you'll want to close your eyes and picture warmer times where groups of youthful punks go for a hike and a swim in the local watering hole. There is something distinctly un-Boston about Saralee—the lo-fi vocals, the garagey sheen; they instead feel like a duo born from a much sweatier, swampier basement scene, which makes the eternal pairing of them with Giving Up seem all but a forgone conclusion. The track below starts with soundbites from friends talking and joking around, and you'll feel like you've made a host of new friends before the song is up. “It's a zoo out there, it's a zoo in here,” has to be one of the most subtly intelligent lyrics on a lo-fi punk jam we've heard in ages.

Stream “Zoo” below and then head to Sophomore Lounge Records for the split Wow! Great Price! cassette.