Satellite Mode, “Warm Fire Lightning”

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Boasting a home on Spotify’s Global Viral Hits playlist, New York duo Satellite Mode has been garnering quite a bit of attention since their inception. Their new track “Warm Fire Lightning” is notably more gritty and rock influenced than past works, Satellite Mode has harnessed a loosely tuned, Rickenbacker guitar rift and a crazy good synth loop to make their sound. Vocally, “Warm Fire Lightning” finds its acclaim with raw, single-take melodies that feel just right.

Finding inspiration in the continual noise pollution of The Big City, “Warm Fire Lightning” is some of the best work from Jess Carvo (vocals) and Alex Markovitz (production/instrumentation). The duo, having begun in music as ghostwriters, sudden family tragedy marked a departure from their original work and spun a new sense of purpose and intensity.

Satellite Mode can be found on Facebook. They will be playing Mercury Lounge December 2nd.