Saux, “Save The World”

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Currently riding high off the success of “LIWY” —which reached one million Spotify plays—Amsterdam DJ/producer Saux has delivered “Save The World.” On Saux’s personal website, he notes that he aspires to “combine soulful sounds with electronic precision.” His latest work is just that, a groovy electro-pop track that makes the most of its island elements.

On “Save The World,” the calculated bounce of Saux’s dancehall-inspired lead is masterfully meshed with glossy synths and crisp drum programming, creating a subdued-yet-pulsating composition. Rubbery, warped synthesizers pierce through the song’s chorus.

Not only is “Save The World” a sonic treat, Saux’s clever songwriting is on display. His “friend’s” buttery vocals warmly augment the song with poetic, abstract lyricism. In Saux’s utopia, the word “lovin” takes the visage of “silver turning gold” amidst a cool blue nightfall of a soundscape. 

You can listen to “Save The World” below.