Scorpion Violente keep the shades lowered

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Scorpion Violente, Uberschleiss

Here's how Uberschleiss, the new LP by the Darth Invaders of Lorraine in France, Scorpion Violente, start off their album. It's a song called “Viol And Revanche”, which translates to “Rape and Vengeance”, but let's not make too many assumptions, the whole thing's probably lost in translation and they're singing about surfing and stuff.

Scorpion Violente, “Viol and Revanche”

Also, this kind of rape and vengeance is not to be confused with the short-lived if not somewhat immortal “rape gaze” tendencies aired out last week by SOTC, but neither would it be difficult to imagine the dead micro-genre's founders Creep doing the dirty goth DJ duties that rub callously up against both sides of a dark and unobliging Scorpion Violente set performed in a dank basement club somewhere between New York and a provincial French town. Let's put that somewhere at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

For some other tracks try out their Myspace. (Who can resist when it's all cold synths and monotonic chanting in English and it's called “Christopher Walken”? You can? Nawww.)

Scorpion Violente's Uberschleiss is out next week, October 22, on our once-labeled Avant! Records. Pre-orders.