Sea Lemon – Close Up EP

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Seattle dream pop rising star levels up on spectacular new EP – out now via Spirit Goth

One of the more under-the-radar releases that we’ve been pleasantly spinning these days is Close Up, the new record from Seattle dream pop rising star Natalie Lew, aka Sea Lemon. Sea Lemon is a new project from Natalie that conjures the hazy melodic jangle of acts like The Sundays and The Radio Dept – in addition to Castlebeat, the moniker of Spirit Goth founder Josh Hwang. Close Up is out now via Spirit Goth, and it’s an absolute pitch perfect sonic wonderland for fans of dream pop.

The EP features five excellent tracks that channel the “anxieties around perception, understanding, and purpose.” The record oscillates between moments light and dark; “Eraser” is one of the darker songs, conjuring feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, while “Last Year” is a bright jangle-pop single reinforcing independence and self-worth. “Sunday,” meanwhile, is a sweetly anthem featuring lush reverb-soaked guitar riffs, dynamic synths, and vocals full of melancholy. Close Up is bookended by “Fortune Teller” and “Turn Away”; the former rides stratospheric synth melodies to sugary lo-fi indie perfection, while the latter ends the record on a cathartic rush charging boldly into an emotional abyss.

Sea Lemon demonstrates shades of Alvvays and Chromatics with dashes of foamy psychedelia alá Rilo Kiley and The Beach Boys. Confessional songwriting combined with nostalgic vibes abound. As of now, Sea Lemon is not currently touring, but she does have an upcoming set at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party (7/22-7/24) on her docket. Fans in the Pacific Northwest should definitely try to see her before she blows up! Otherwise, Close Up is out now via Spirit Goth; you can purchase on cassette HERE and listen below: