Calling it: Secret Cities' debut has legs

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secret cities

Secret Cities has a chance at some serious success. This is about the time people who still have Grizzly Bear and Passion Pit in rotation start dropping them off the play lists. SC can swoop in to fill that void of catchy-lushly layered pop jams prepped for iPhone commercials.

That reads as a diss, but I will confess I genuinely love listening to “Pink Grafitti Part 1.” I'm just calling it now. This is a debut with some legs that could climb stairs two at a time. It's got a stride that could get to the top of the mountain. “Pink Grafitti Part 1” is a strange brew with an inviting aroma for all walks of music appreciators. The casual listener will get off on those humanoid samples the same way “Sleepyhead” took off, while the church of Brian Wilson will gush over the textural details. Plus they are from Fargo. Nobody knows diddly squat about Fargo and it will sell.

Western Vinyl recently pushed a June 8 release date back to July 20.

Secret Cities, “Pink Grafitti Part 1”