Sexy Jesus, “Friends”

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Stephen Edelstein is making some bold claims in his solo career. That is, when he isn’t drumming for Caught a Ghost or He’s My Brother She’s My Sister. How, you may ask? His moniker with his solo project is Sexy Jesus. And he’s rising to the occasion – and living up to the name – with his new track “Friends”.

A vibey instrumental is established, percussion – of course – of note. The choir-like background vocals make it feel like he’s surrounded by many, as he sings of his friends and what they like to do together. His own voice is delivered in a singing/spoken way that makes an impact much like a protest song in the 60’s. Lyrics like “It’s not that we’re stupid / We’re very well-read” establish his group of friends as particular types of people, but almost anyone can find their way into this description.

“I wrote this song years ago,” says Edelstein, “after a previous band had to kick out a bandmate. It felt like a divorce and it was very messy. The verses describe some terrible people while the chorus sings, ‘These are my friends.’ We all have people in our lives we call our ‘friends’ who we don’t want to see or probably shouldn’t see at all.”

We weren’t sure what to think of Sexy Jesus, but now we know we’re diggin’ it. And we’re slightly worried about that fact.

His Make It Big EP is coming soon. On October 8th, Sexy Jesus will host a single release party to be held at a secret loft in downtown Los Angeles. Keep up with Sexy Jesus here