Shannen Moser, you shouldn’t be doing that

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Several months ago I attended a very crowded basement show in West Philadelphia. The bill was Pinegrove, Girlpool, O-Face, Battle Ave, and Shannen Moser, and while all the bands were stellar, I left feeling particularly curious about Moser. A quick search on bandcamp revealed several years worth of albums, a virtual record of musical experimentation that spans from traditional acoustic songs to more recent ethereal and atmospheric tracks.

Moser’s most recent album is you shouldn’t be doing that, thirteen brief home-recorded tracks about finding confidence, reflections about past relationships, and other introspective thoughts. On “witch hunt,” Moser chooses a more raw sound as lyrics like “If I’m angry call me out / If I’m silent I’m in doubt” are sung over organic guitar plucking. On the other hand, Moser’s voice becomes celestial on the following track, the airy “big idiot.” Moser continues this sort of range throughout you shouldn’t be doing that, allowing each polished and precise track to make a powerful impression.

Stream you shouldn’t be doing that below: