Shilpa Ray, “Pop Song for Euthanasia”

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Shilpa Ray Last Year's Savage

Shilpa Ray’s “Pop Song for Euthanasia” is just that. The song takes the shape of a macabre waltz as Shilpa Ray’s signature harmonium stretches for dear life. When the lyrics address a mercy killing, it makes sense: “If I broke your spine would you hold my hand when I tell you it’s all over?” The percussion staggers in gong-like blows that feel both violent and grievous; it’s the sound of a sympathetic murder.

Following the 2013 release of It’s All Self Fellatio, Shilpa Ray from Nick Cave’s Bad Seed LTD label comes her second solo album Last Year’s Savage. Likening herself to “a horny Frank Sinatra,” Shilpa Ray’s particular strain of irreverent blues-punk perverts a traditionally American sound with robust indigenous clamor.

You can stream “Pop Song for Euthanasia” below. Last Year’s Savage is set to drop this May from Northern Spy Records.