Shiny Wet Machine, “Stun Gun”

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Shiny Wet Machine is the new musical act made up of Las Vegas native Sizzy Rocket and Alex Fitts of Brooklyn’s The Kickdrums. This collaboration has already produced its first single: the indie punk rocker “Stun Gun” and the track is an incendiary first salvo of infectious punk rock energy. A far cry from the previous dance rock of Sizzy Rocket or the intricate indie pop of The Kickdrums, Shiny Wet Machine is raw rock and roll with the provocative edge of its members previous works.

A confident, sidewinding riff opens “Stun Gun” along with Sizzy Rocket’s echoing, dramatic vocals that are frayed ever so slightly by distortion. Her rapid fire rhymes flow into the track’s propulsive chorus that continues the song’s seductive strut in double time. A brief instrumental break tears down the song, only to bring it roaring back at tempos that unleash the power of the band’s instrumentation and vocals. As Shiny Wet Machine stand poised to unleash more tracks and concert dates on the listening public, the visceral and dynamic “Stun Gun” will no doubt translate into many frenetic and fascinating live performances.

The limited edition cassette tape release of “Stun Gun” is already sold out, but you can still get the track here. You can also follow Shiny Wet Machine on Twitter.