Shlohmo, “Later”

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Shlohmo, Laid Out EP

How we talk about Shlohmo has changed dramatically since his 2011 debut Bad Vibes. His music was once described as hushed, acoustic, and operating somewhere between D'Angelo's Voodoo and fellow L.A. beatmaker Teebs' patchwork production. Although when Henry Laufer rocks a set, it's direction is purely controlled on vibe, and possibly snagging tracks from his “Most Played” iTunes playlist for live edits, rather than rebuilding his albums on stage. With the two faces of Shlohmo resembling the masks of the theatre, Laufer dropped “Later” on us, which suggests he's found balance in identity.

Between records it was nothing but rap and r&b remixes, some of which outshine the originals and his solo records to an extent. On “Later” he's rolling out the trap drums and muffling a vocal sample into a caterwaul that almost mimicks M83's “Midnight City” howl. He's met himself in the middle without meeting mediocrity.

Shlohmo's Laid Out EP is out March 15 on Friends of Friends/Wedidit and features a guest appearance from How To Dress Well.