Shlohmo sexes up Jeremih's “F*ck You All The Time”

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Jeremih Shlohmo Remix

We were late to Jeremih's Late Nights mixtape. It took a friendly and unexpected recommendation to guide us. If you're like us and still need proper encouragement to scope out Jeremih's mixtape, we suggest starting with the Shlohmo remix and let the LA beatminer do his thing of turning casual encounters into a tantric karma sutra rendezvous. Jeremih's “F*ck You All The Time” is an 8 a.m. whisper in your ear while you're still half-asleep that puts a little tingle in your nerves. Shlohmo's remix is like replacing your girlfriend with a replicant from Blade Runner programmed for pleasure. This is what being roused from your dreams of electric sheep sounds like.

Download Jeremih's “F*ck You All The Time” (Shlohmo Remix) here.