SIGHS, “Lost”

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SIGHS – the moniker for London-based Mart Wilson – has returned after great success with the Easy to Forget EP and the single “Feels” with a new 4 track EP titled Fiends. Big fans of SIGHS’ music, we are all too excited to share the new track “Lost”, which brings you a little taste of what the upcoming EP is like. It was recorded at Misha Hering’s Holy Mountain Studio in East London, alongside talents such as drummer Artur Reirs and jazz musician John Martin, whose musical stylings are featured on “Lost”. Enjoy.

“‘Please won’t you listen, please won’t you listen carefully, the time is precious that you’re wasting.’ The opening lines of ‘Lost’ set the tone for the whole of the Fiends E.P.,” explains Wilson. “What happens when life isn’t panning out as you had hoped or expected? I had traded in my old guitar for a Vox Teardrop hoping to channel the sprit of Brian Jones and wrote these songs shortly after visits to the English seaside. I was looking to capture both the hope and sadness of these places.”

We know that time is precious, as he states in the song, but we’re even more aware with the presence of this beautifully orchestrated track in our lives. Replete with classic instrumentals that keep the mid-tempo song going at the same pace from start to finish, there are also synth aspects and a beautiful saxophone (thanks to John Martin) that adds another unique layer to the blend. Lyrics such as “I am lost when you’re not around” repeat, making you feel safe and whole within a 2:29 song. We’re floored.