Simon Shackleton, “Far & Wide”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Simon Shackleton is no stranger to the music industry. Graduating from Exeter University with a Masters in classical composition, he has then gone on to play and record in various different bands. His music has been featured in over 40 movies, including the original Matrix movie, and a plethora of TV shows and game soundtracks. If that isn’t enough, Shackleton has also run several award-winning record labels.

His latest release, “Far & Wide,” is the second single off of his album, Pieces of Me. This album is his first artist album in 10 years. This track is explosive from the start with a very strong electronic feel. It’s energetic and upbeat and is the perfect anthem for a night out on the town. The instrumentals are charged, with a futuristic vibe. The vocals are lively but not overpowering – they just glide over the surface of the music. This track will surely make you want to get up and dance as Shackleton’s voice sings, “far and wide…”