Skin Town's Chad Kroeger Melt Down Mix

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Skin Town

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Los Angeles indie r&b duo Skin Town titled its Friday Night contribution after famed Canadian and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. Mr. Silver Side Up. Mr. How You Remind Me. Mr. Angel Wings Graphic T-Shirt. Mr. Avril Lavigne.

Even when prompted to offer some insight into their mix, Skin Town relayed “Party island Caribbean jamz 4 late nite lifestyle. Songs about horoscopes and braids. Whatever we want to play.” Cryptic – though I think the “whatever we want” portion has a bit to do with a cover at a strip club.

For a mix titled after one of the most loathed musicians to achieve world-renowned fame to a point that the Internet has deemed his marriage to Avril Lavigne a sign of the apocalypse, Skin Town sure did bring the fuggin' jams. It's a mix that offers insight into Skin Town's comfort zone, which potentially informed the sultry approach on The Room. Skin Town could slip its single “Slidin'” in behind KP &Envy's “Swing My Way” without disrupting the vibe that extends into Future's “Turn On The Lights” or was established earlier from Usher's “Climax” (Duchovny Bootleg).

Track listing:
01 Usher- Climax(Duchovny Bootleg)
02 KP & Envy- Swing My Way
03 Kevin Lyttle- Turn Me On
04 Trick Daddy feat Trina- Nann
05 Crime Mob- Rock Yo Hips
06 Willow Smith- Whip My Hair
07 Blast E.P.- Verrotted
08 Luke- It's Your Birthday(Special Edit)
09 Corona- Rhythm of the Night
10 Future- Turn on the Lights
11 Amanda Perez- Candy Kisses

Skin Town's The Room is out November 5 on Time No Place.