Skinny Blonde, “Hi Annie”

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hi annie

Indie Pop/Rock New Yorkers Skinny Blonde are rolling out new music, and we are eating it right up. Their latest single, aptly titled “Hi Annie”, was released today and is–without a doubt–the most candid song we’ve heard in a while.

“The song is very straightforward in the sense that its about a girl named Annie,” says the band. “I had a huge crush on her but eventually realized that our lifestyles didn’t match up at all.”

With clarity in their vocals, they insist that Annie can “be a human” and doesn’t “have to be a lady”, avidly trying to convince this girl that she can relax sometimes. As they go on to tell us, their persistence didn’t win her over. But never fear! The song is quirky, upbeat, and a pseudo love letter to all girls imploring them to be themselves.

After all, what else is there to be?

More about the track.
[Annie] loves clubbing, going out, doing regular college life stuff; and I am sober and generally disinterested in that lifestyle. I was super into her though, so I would tell myself “Come on, you can make this work.  She can go out and do her thing and you can just sit back and wait.” That’s where the line “I can wait in the car Annie, and you can have a real good time” comes from. Eventually I kind of had to accept the fact that we were on two different paths in life. It actually turned out that she wasn’t really interested in me romantically at all so the entire justification was entirely unnecessary on my end. We are now really good friends though, so shoutout to her! As far as the recording process, we recorded it with Andrew Marr (of Ski Lodge) at his studio (Melt Studio) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Andrew is a good friend and awesome musician. We’ve been working on a bunch of stuff together.  

June 30 @ 10pm – Bowery Electric (FREE)

“Hi Annie” is taken from the Precious Cargo EP out August 2016. Download his latest EP City Girls on bandcamp.