Slutever, “Open Wide”

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Slutever, Almost Famous

Slutever take a moment to get real with “Open Wide,” a lo-fi ode to feeling too broke and old for this. Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi continue to chronicle the daily dramas of their perma-teen lifestyle with the unflinching honesty of a #nofilter selfie. “Open Wide” is three minutes of slow-burning alt-rock dressed in the couch-ridden apathy of getting up to look in the mirror after a Netflix bender. The track is built on heavy-set verses that boil into bombastic grunge-pop hooks. Gagliardi’s unrelenting soprano rises to the pitch of a screaming kettle as she sings, “Now that you’re older/things aren’t much better/it starts to look bad when you can’t pay your rent.” The despair is obvious. Nobody captures the two-headed anxiety of young adulthood like Slutever. Almost Famous drops February 17.