Solilians, “Hine Ma Tov” (Merc Yes Mix)

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Futuristic/psychedelic music collective Solilians – comprised of Sharon Malkin, Benjamin Malkin, Gabriel Walsh, and Neptune Sweet – are releasing the first single off their upcoming debut album, Shin, exclusively with Impose. The band is described as creating “the interstellar journeys of mystic seekers, mantra minimalism for the next generation.” The song – a gorgeous, warm cacophony of sound layered to sound otherworldly – certainly feels like a “space drone dream,” and it’s the perfect thing to guide you into an abundant and beautiful week. Check out the Merc Yes Mix of “Hine Ma Tov” right here, right now.

@BryanFuller: This is our submission for the theme song of #StarTrekDiscovery

Shin is out November 18th.