Sophie Sputnik, Mental Suburbia

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Mental Suburbia is the new mini EP being released by Florida based artist Sophie Sputnik.  She currently plays drums in the band Killmama, but Mental Suburbia is a solo passion project for her.  Although the two songs will ultimately be on a full-length concept album, you would be wise to get the EP when it comes out!
The first track “Yinda” is pure rock with a rockabilly attitude.  It has plenty of straightforward instrumentals and rebellious lyrics.
The title track “Mental Suburbia” is a ballad that showcases Sputnik’s vocal range and emotion.  Each song is completely different from each other, but it was plainly meant to be this way. Says Sputnik:

“I have really enjoyed every little piece of creating these songs- from working with Paul Kronk at Power station studios, to having members from the band Que Lastima play on my songs. I mean, I fangirl over that band so hard, and there they were in the studio helping me form my ideas. I didn’t do any of this alone, and I’ve been so completely humbled by the process. You know, just having this seed of an idea and being brave enough to ask for help and then have people actually show up and care, or maybe just pretend like they care (haha), but it works and they created with me.
I want to be the voice for all of us who feel eaten up by the world. For all of us who feel ugly, and outcasted. I know these feelings well, and I know they are debilitating and yet a complete self-deprecating illusion. I’ll do whatever it takes to help those who are unheard. I think music is the best way to stand for each other.  It’s the only way I can ever find a moment of freedom from my own self sabotage and paranoid delusions. So, I must share the goodies.”

Sophie plays her release show on May 3rd in Shirley’s Room at Gramps in Wynwood, Miami. Tickets are available here. Keep up with her at