Sore Eros' precious new pop tune

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With an opening that sounds like a drum machine played by a box of slinkies, Sore Eros's “Giraffe's Kiss” quickly slides into another sublime pop tune.

Precious lyrics: “I've got a pebble in my shoe / I saw a giraffe kissing you”. We can assume the giraffe in question may be a metaphor for a tall stranger and not a literal 20-inch black-purple tongue stretching towards the song's “you”.

I couldn't shake the track's sonic similarities to the melancholy doo-wop of tracks like “Basement Scene” off of Deerhunter's latest, and man, those vocals are just a few inches from Bradford Cox's range and tone. But to every well-crafted tune it's own. As the chorus asks, “What can I [or you] do?”

The song comes off Know Touching, Sore Eros' second record, and the first listing two members (Robert Robinson and Adam Langellotti). It's out on SHDWPLY now.