Sore Eros, Sickies Vol. 2

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Help me Rhonda if this Sore Eros tape hasn't been absolutely stuck in the tape player for a good week or so. The tape is a continuous piece, with each song fading into each other, so when I wanted to post a track up here, there was a lot of confusion that led to us just deciding to let you listen to the whole thing. Fading in to mesmerizing, wiggling guitar drone and out to clean, psychedelic pop, these Massachusetts fuzzmeisters have arranged a lovely listen that is reminiscent of '90s buddy bands like the recently reunited Olivia Tremor Control. Singer/lead guitarist Robert Robinson has a dreamy voice that rises into a falsetto, balancing out the low timbre of the heavy bass and guitars below, but sometimes he sings low and they have a harmonica take the job of balance. This is a cassette to light a candle to, or maybe a whole fireplace.

Check out the stream here, and if you want to place it in your own Walkman you can buy it from Feeding Tube, in Northhampton.