Spencer Anthony, "Monsters"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Spencer Anthony grew up in midwest, picturesque Cincinnati suburbia. Universal traits include school, sports, and hanging out with friends. But at the turn of 15-years-old, Spencer took a change of pace — in a few short months, pursuing music and acting had become his focus.
It paid off quickly, with the usual ‘whole lot of hard work and a little bit of luck’ variety playing into Anthony fielding opportunities in LA rather than playing on his high school sports team, writing English essays about Mark Twain.
Anthony is still just 18-years-old, but has his first EP, Words to Hide Behind coming out early this year. It is a collection of songs detailing the issues of growing up, and how as humans, we often mask our problems from even those closest to us.
At the end of the day, Spencer tells us that his mission is to “make great, timeless music that truly connects with people.”


“Monsters” is an impressively catchy piece, with instrumentals that soar all surrounding the delicately crafted lyrics. Telling the story of anxiety, it could be a teenage cliché — but its universality plays right into Spencer’s mission of “truly connecting with people.”
Released this Wednesday, “Monsters” is a fluid, heavily inspired creation that sits incredibly well with first time listeners. The acoustic closing only paints a prettier picture after the immense storytelling chops of Anthony is shown off.


You can find Spencer Anthony on Facebook and Soundcloud.