Spritzer, “Prelude to Psycho”

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Brooklyn-based Spritzer – started by multi-talented songwriter Matt Meade of Friend Roulette – has been turning out tunes in an assortment of genres for just a short time. But the creative energy is hardly lacking, as the first two songs they recorded – “Melt” and “don’t die, kill me” – were released on 7″ vinyl on Paper Garden Records. The upcoming Spritzer EP is titled Getaway, and is comprised of 4 songs about a fictional person whose secret significant other passes away. This person finds peace with the situation, not by confiding in others (as they can’t), but by finding themselves at a bar called The Twilite. We’ve got the premiere of the third track on the EP, titled, “Prelude to Psycho”.

The track is upbeat – and then insanely eery – from the beginning. The whirring instrumentals add a depth that make it feel much more pop rock n’ roll, but it still speaks quickly to our adrenaline-fueled hearts with crisp, clear, melancholy vocals. It’s a strange kind of downer lyrically, wrapped in finger snapping, light as a feather sound.

Says the band of the track, “[‘Prelude to Psycho’] is about going back to the bar in the depths of depression with nothing to lose and being lured in an unconscious state by the psycho at the bar.”

Spritzer EP Release Show @ The Footlight – September 16