St Jude The Obscure – 'I'm The Wolves'

St Jude the Obscure reconnect with nature with the delicate art-pop of ‘I’m The Wolves’
Pic. Glorybox Photography & Creative Imaging
Formerly known as Feral Love and Bird, Adele Emmas and Christian Sanford now go by the name of the new 2-piece, St Jude the Obscure. Known locally in Liverpool UK for their pairing of poetry and electronic fathoming, the band have recently dropped a prequel track teasing what was to come this week.
And here it is. New single ‘I’m The Wolves’ is rooted in a haunting Pumarosa-esc vocal, with a bewitching refrain and a build of comprehensive unassuming beauty. The production is incredibly slick and crisp, leaving a slightly polished feel on top of the delicate lyrics Emmas emits.
Speaking on the new single the band state:
’I’m The Wolves’ is a song about independence and freedom of spirit, the need to escape a somewhat chaotic world and to reconnect with the simplicity of nature. It celebrates how strength can be found in the vulnerability of choosing to walk your own path even though it might be a solitary one at times.“
Tune into ‘I’m The Wolves’ below and check them out live in Manchester UK on 12th June at The Castle.