Start your morning right with Fragments

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Sometimes the line between aimless nonsense and a strong brew of heady, nagging tones that drag you along an unwitting journey of tonal ambience and fuzzy hinterland is very thin. What is it, exactly, that makes the dithering, single tone on the second track on the A-side of Fragment's recent cassette haunting? Maybe it's what you ate last night or the side you slept on, or maybe this shit is not for everyone. When the modulating synth melodies creep into the B-side, it's a bit easier to decide where you stand.

This Fragments tape, entitled Retching Sunshine and released on Pizza Night, is out, and needless to say, rare to begin with, so thank Cassette Tape Superstar for materializing with a digital version, ripped or not.

Fragment, “Primordially Weighted” (Excerpt)

Fragment, “Sullen Caverns” (Excerpt)