Steady Sun, Indifferent World

Post Author: Virginia Croft

These days, it seems even more difficult to accurately categorize a band’s genre. For Queens/Brooklyn based Steady Sun, their genre of choice is aptly named “jive daydream.” Consisting of Dylan Nowik, Andrew Emge, Pete Victor-Gasper, Paul Truitt, Rowan Brind, Steady Sun delivers fuzzy surf rock with charming moments of clarity. Their latest LP, Indifferent World, was recorded primarily by member Dylan Nowik in his Queens apartment between 2015 and 2016.
Throughout the ten track album, the band’s influences are clear: The Beatles circa Rubber Soul, a hint of Steely Dan, and a dash of Of Montreal. Tracks like “Life at One Twenty Two” are dreamy and linger on the line of shoegaze, oozing with psychedelic tendencies. It’s a rabbit hole of a track– we almost forget how it began, as we are taken on Steady Sun’s journey.
Their lyrics are both thoughtful and delicate. On “Television Eyes,” this ability shines through as Nowik coos, “we were brought together by design specter, every passing cause is a shadow on the mind.” The track itself is a nostalgic trip, blooming in its chorus and passing for a moment from a Sofia Coppola film. Throughout Indifferent World, it feels as if the listener is being transported to a dreamscape, one that filmmakers like Coppola and Electrick Children director Rebecca Thomas could reside in. Filled with melancholic vocals and warm instrumentals, it’s a constant decision between carefree joy and the reality of life.
Closing track “Under the East River” kicks off with the familiar sound of a metronome, counting in 4/4. Juxtaposing against the functional squareness is Steady Sun’s dynamic approach to lo-fi rock. It finalizes their creation that is Indifferent World, reminding us of their roots, but also their current abilities.

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