Dear Wife of Steve Albini, who the fuck isn't obsessed with your husband?

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I so badly wanted to write something really awesome about Steve Albini's wife alleged message board smack down on Girls' Guide to Rocking author Jessica Hopper, but then I realized I had wasted about an hour of my time reading about Hopper's supposed “obsession” with the dude who sang a song about Kim Gordon's panties. I need to justify all this time wasted.

From Mrs. Albini to Jessica Hopper:

“Your 15 year obsession with Steve Albini is bordering on embarrassing, don’t you think? It must certainly be as tiring for you as it is for me. I recognize that you were never able to justify your disdain for him but life may be richer for you if you accept the idea that maybe you have simply been wrong all of this time.”

From me to Mrs. Albini:

Dear Mrs. Albini,
As a Chicago native, I hate to be the one to break it to you and inform you that there are maybe only five or six people in your town worth getting actively obsessed over, and your husband just happens to be one of them. I mean seriously, look at the guy; he resembles somebody who should have their photo
placed alongside H.H. Holmes and Richard Speck as “Famous Serial Killers From Chicago”, but instead he's channeled all of his creepiness into one of the most respected (and lucrative) careers in indie music history.

You should be cooler about the fact that Jessica Hopper cares. She's a great writer.

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