Still Life Still, “In Enemies” (Teen Daze Remix)

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Still Life Still

Still Life Still's “In Enemies” is one of the bouncier offerings on a record mostly about coping with the loss of family. Fed through the jittery synth jumps and angular guitar constructs of Still Life Still, “In Enemies” soars above on a glider; the uplift is all in the kinship to early Aughts era post-punk.

Teen Daze's vision of “In Enemies” is directed towards the expectations of Still Life Still's album title, Mourning Trance, and the events that informed it. If funerals focused on the celebration of life, rather than loss, the “In Enemies” (Teen Daze Remix) would be a fitting soundtrack to a celebratory eulogy. Teen Daze rewrites the original replacing the synth work with guitars, which end up sounding like a Modest Mouse riff, and places it atop funereal organs. Though much like Still Life Still hide their heartache in the poppy original, Teen Daze's heavily synthesized vocals dehumanize the lyrics, keeping us at a safe distance once again.

Still Life Still's Mourning Trance is out August 20 on Arts & Crafts.