Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing

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Mr. Thing, Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing Vol. II, BBE Music

BBE is a label that sets the funky precedent, so it's no surprise that Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing Vol.II is a fantastic voyage through the the third eye of the soul.

Vol.II is our first foray into the break beat work of Mr. Thing, but it has us itching for his scratches and fiending for the way he puts the needle to the record. The choppers patrolling over a rice paddy artwork informs the mix as a collection of songs left off your typical Vietnam War movie soundtrack. It's as though at any point in the mix one of these songs will be followed by “Fortunate Son.”

Mr. Thing has a knack for taking us on an adventure through obscure breaks, while keeping our attention up with a few familiar breaks that have possibly fallen from our heavy rotations. Indeed that was Mr. Thing's intention, thus a break once flipped by Handsome Boy Modeling School for its song “The Truth” introduces the mix and it unfolds into obscure treasures like The Rias Orchestra's “Pru Urebu.”

Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing Vol.II is a digital release only available through BBE music.

The Rias Orchestra, “Pre Urebu”

Frank Pleyer Big Band, “Sally”