Stream CHAZMERE’s Self-Titled Debut

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chazmere album cover

Bronx rapper/producer Chazmere has been gaining traction in recent months as yet another talented artist in Talib Kweli’s Javotti Media orbit. He’s released memorable videos for two songs off of his self-titled debut, and today the full project is here. The 9-track album is predominantly produced by Chazmere, save “Curious” and “PLAY THIS FOR TONI,” two classic R&B flips.

Chazmere’s debut work introduces him as a personable, witty MC–who enjoys more than a bit of woman company. He’s at his best when using his elastic flow to deliver humorous waxing on “follow for follow” lames and his longing to be a character in Def Jam Vendetta (been wanting to clothesline Redman forever!”).

Could I sell an ounce or two?,” he ponders in the midst of an impressive double-time flow on “10.” “Pay for a photo shoot, couple hours in the booth wait–but I need these boots, shorty wanna come through, sip champagne in flutes…now I got a tab open.” Juggling needs vs. wants, Chazmere style.

Women play a recurring role on the project—perhaps most notably on “Chaka”–but Chazmere manages to stray clear of giving off crass or doleful vibes. Even on “Something You Can Have,” when he calls out a model for ”makin’ money superficial but you super spiritual?,” his playful delivery makes it work. Chazmere displays an impressive knack for using humor as a vessel for social commentary and overall storytelling.

The beats on Chazmere are a progressive take on a Hip-Hop/Jazz fusion. He crafted a fleet of lustrous, warm compositions which serve as an apt backdrop for his high-pitched voice and whirling delivery. From top to bottom, the project is a stellar debut that may indeed put him on the path to becoming “The Bronx’s biggest export” some day.

You can stream CHAZMERE below.